Saturday, November 13, 2010

Launching an indoor homemade rocket

This was a fun project too. We found an old 35mm film capsule and taped a paper rocket around it. (the kind of film container with the lid that fits up inside is best, because it has a tighter seal allowing for more pressure to build up inside) You need the film canisters lid to be at the bottom of your rocket so you can add the fuel. Anyhow, you take about a table spoon or two of water and drop in 1/2 a tablet of alka seltzer, pop the lid down in a hurry and jump back. The pressure will build and off pops the lid shooting your rocket into orbit. :) Ours went about 8 -10 foot up in the air. Notice we have a tray on the floor because it will deposit the water and some foam on the floor. :)

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