Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movable Alphabet spelling phonetic words

My 5 year old loves our Montessori movable alphabet.

Here she has a pic. of a 3 letter phonetic word such as cat, hat, mop ect... she is placing the letter w/ initial sound above the picture, and the letter w/ the ending sound below.

Right now we are spelling the entire 3 letter phonetic words matched to the pictures. Sometimes she just likes to think up a word instead, and sound it out spelling it phonetically, whether it's the correct spelling or not doesn't matter as long as it's phonetic. Also note that "c" and "k" make the same phonetic sound and at this point are used interchangeably.

Sometimes if boredom sets in we jazz things up a bit by adding a picture cube that we can enclose our words in and she tosses it up in the air and which ever pic. is on top that's the word she spells. Then she tosses it around again for the next word, until she's all out.

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