Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dissecting a seed

We planted seeds today, and I wanted the children to see how a seed sprouts, so we dissected a giant lima bean. I had soaked it over night, then today I sliced it open for them to identify the 3 main parts of the seed. The first picture above, I found when I googled lima bean photo's and it shows the three main parts. The outer skin, the meaty part that the embryo feeds on as it grows, and the embryo itself that grows into the plant. Below is our seed up close. They found this so very interesting, and since the bean was so large, it was easy to identify the different parts. To the left is our seed dissected, and to then the other pictures are their investigations.

Even my 2.5 yr. old thought it was fascinating. Fun fun fun. :) Hello, and welcome Spring!

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Wendy said...

You're such a great Mom!! That's a wonderful idea. I need to get some seeds large enough to dissect.

We studied about bees today, after I captured some close-ups of one. We could even see the pollen all stuck to his legs. It was amazing!!

Hope to plant some stuff with you soon.