Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Math & Language For the Child that Loves to Draw

We recently had the opportunity to try out some files generated by Diane with Gentle Shepherd off currclick and my 5 yr. old daughter just really loved them.

She loves to draw, and this approach just really clicked with her. She is practicing following directions, reading, writing, and art all at once and absolutely enjoying it. :) Cool!

She just can't seem to get enough of this. Thanks Diane for a great idea.


Wendy said...

HEY!!! I do that! I write words and/or sentences on that storybook handwriting paper that you can buy at WMart. The kids (all of them-- I use much, much harder words for the older kids, who also love to draw) have to trace and copy what I wrote, read it, and draw what it says. Sometimes I leave it blank at the end for them to fill in and draw. Like "The bat flew in the sky and then landed on the _____" So they have to fill in a noun. Helps with sentence comprehension, too. So neat that we're doing similar activities with our little artists!

mamabusybee said...

:) great idea with the blanks to fill in nouns, or other parts of speech. :) Thanks for sharing.