Sunday, November 14, 2010

Essential Daily vitamins

We live in a world of nutritionally depleted foods. My daily recommendations are a multi-vitamin, Vit D3, and probiotics. If you don't know much about probiotics I highly recommend you do some research. They are entirely safe even for infants but, not all probiotics are the same, so make sure the ones you get have a guaranteed potency to it's expiration date on the bottle and not just a guarantee from the date of manufacture. There's a big difference.

Just from my experience, I can tell you if your child is throwing up and you give them probiotics, they will stop! COOL huh!!! You'll probably have to try it to believe it, I know I did.


Living Creatively said...

One of my dear friends takes probiotics and it cleared up many of her allergies, and also helped with her acne!
Where do you recommend buying them? And do you buy liquid or pills?

mamabusybee said...

I buy and use Gr8-Dophilus from NOW. They are an 8 strain & 4 Billion Potency vegetarian capsule. They do not need to be refrigerated and are a dairy free, vegetarian/vegan formula. :)